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Team Members


Kristiina Wilson

Kristiina Wilson, ACCBC, has spent over 20 years working with cats and is currently completing her Masters degree at Hunter College's Animal Behavior and Conservation Department. During the summer of 2020, with her research work on hold due to Covid-19, she decided to train her cat, Steve, to use AAC speech buttons. Steve learned in a record four days, and his new Tiktok account garnered him coverage from People Magazine, Yahoo, MSN and many other outlets. Kristiina's other work with animals has been featured on the Dodo, and, and she runs a private practice as an cat behavior consultant at

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Zoe Moore

Zoe Moore is currently pursuing a bachelors in User Experience and Design from Milwaukee School of Engineering. She has loved cats and animals her whole life. Talk to the Beans came about after a school project led her to reach out to Kristiina for her expertise on using speech buttons with pets. Together they created a training module to help all pet owners work with speech buttons and their fur-babies.

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