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Speech Button Training

Lifetime Access

The in-depth and interactive training is split into several, easy to follow modules. Each module includes demonstrative videos, extensive text and interactive components. After creating an account and purchasing the speech button training you will have 24/7 access to all of the training materials.

After creating your account and purchasing the speech button training, you will have immediate access to our forum page where you can ask questions and have discussions with your fellow learners!

Our training comes with great suggestions on products and additional resources. We also have individual customer support to help with technical issues and to help alleviate any roadblocks you may encounter during training. AAC Speech buttons sold separately.

The Speech Button Training program includes all the resources you need to train your cat to use speech buttons. This course will not only help teach your cat a fun trick and new way to communicate but will also help deepen your relationship with them! AAC Speech buttons sold separately.

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It is important to remember that button training is a form of enrichment, a fun way to spend quality time with your pet and a great way for you and your pet to more clearly communicate. It is not a form of speech or 1:1 communication. If you have more questions about this training, please visit our FAQ or reach out to us on our contact page.

Speech Button Training

  • 30$
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